Online coaching, guidance, and mentoring for women who want to reach their full potential. 


 With Dr Lily Jedynak

Online coaching, guidance, and mentoring for women who want to reach their full potential. 


 With Dr Lily Jedynak

Welcome. My name is Lil and I love to empower women so that they can flourish, achieve their goals, and express their unique gifts in the world.


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Who you are...


If you're a curious, bright, smart, intense, creative, sensitive woman who wants to make the world a better place, then you're right where you need to be.


Coaching can help you to feel more resourced, fulfilled, and in your zone of genius. Show up as you are, feel safe, seen, and free to explore who you are, what's important to you, and how you can move forward with ease. 

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If you yearn to:

  • Become visible, seen and known
  • Create growth-orientated relationships
  • Create a thriving livelihood aligned with your values
  • Discover a higher purpose
  • Deepen your spiritual connection
  • Unlock your creativity
  • Cultivate body-confidence and radiant wellbeing
  • Make a difference in the world with your gifts...

Then you're in the right place!

Who I am...


Hi! I’m a professional coach. I've been working for decades with women who want someone to walk alongside them as they step into their self-worth, take ownership of their lives, and fulfil their heartfelt dreams.


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More about Lil


Let's Connect... 




To emerge more fully, abundantly, resourcefully, wisely, uniquely, creatively, brilliantly YOU is needed in the world today!

What clients have said about Lil:


'Just want to express my appreciation of Lil as my professional coach. I thought I had things pretty well on track and was SO lucky to find Lil. There was SO much more I could do to find and create purpose in my work, and to be honest, some aspects of my personal life as well! Lil has the knack of putting her finger on an idea that opens possibilities. I felt heard, safe, supported, inspired, and challenged after every session. Making a difference is a huge driver in my life, and Lil supported me to find even more avenues to make this a reality. She is a positive, caring, supportive coach, and I couldn’t recommend her more highly.' Karen C, Consultant, South Australia 


'Lil is a powerful and intuitive coach who will help you do the deep work to find your voice amid all the distractions and "overwhelm" of life. She has helped me rise above the noise to see more clearly the path I can create towards my own dreams and aspirations. If you're looking for a deeply creative, profound and compassionate coach who can inject fun and wisdom into the coaching process, then you're in safe hands with Lil!' Reem B, Management Consultant & Leadership Coach, Victoria


'Lil is amazing! Such a generous soul! I feel so lucky to have found her! Lil has a natural gift - genius - to empower others with amazing insights. I felt so heard and understood and always learn so much in our sessions. Thank you again for all your support. I treasure it!' Alana D, Business Owner, New Zealand 


'Lil is a compassionate, knowledgeable, and empowering coach. She has an extraordinary talent for creating a safe and non-judgmental space where I can freely express myself and explore my thoughts and emotions.

Throughout my session, I felt nurtured, supported, and deeply validated. Lil was always there to listen with compassion and thoughtfulness. She has an uplifting nature, and her generous contributions made my session a transformative and enriching experience filled with transformative conversations, ‚Äėaha‚Äô moments and many bouts of laughter.

One of the most remarkable aspects of working with Lil is her belief in the client's expertise in their own life. She encouraged me to delve deeper by tuning in to my own strengths, guiding me to find the answers within myself. Her faith in my abilities and her commitment to empowering me on my personal journey were incredibly inspiring. Lil gave thoughtful and considered guidance as I explored possibilities and creative solutions for my growth and development.

Lil has consistently empowered and supported me, reminding me that my journey is unique. Her belief in my potential has been incredibly inspiring and uplifting. Lil's expertise in various areas of life is a gift; whether it was matters of career, relationships, or personal growth, she had a wealth of wisdom and knowledge to share. Her insights were invaluable and helped me gain new perspectives on various challenges I faced and I am incredibly grateful for her support.' Kate J, Occupational Therapist, South Australia


'Hand on heart, Lil is an angel, a rare, pure soul. It's no coincidence that she is on the path of helping others, bringing her warmth, love, and compassion to the world. I'm so grateful you are in my life.' Parisa S, Counsellor, NSW

What is Professional Coaching? 

Coaching is a collaborative relationship that helps clients to produce extraordinary results personally and professionally.

Coaching facilitates learning, growth, competence, confidence, and a commitment to excellence.

Sessions are individually designed to support clients to thrive and respects the fact that clients are the experts of their own lives.

It is a solution-focused, results-orientated process. 

Clients set the agenda, officiate their goals, and the coach acts as a guide to help them achieve success.

Coaching sessions are a safe, supportive, non-judgemental, positive space for clients to explore what's possible for their lives.

Coaching sessions focus on real life issues and are highly relevant to clients' specific needs. 

Coaching can also support clients in the following ways:

- To optimise their innate gifts and talents

- To increase resilience, wellbeing, insight

- To step into their source of personal power to achieve their goals

- To fully utilise their innate strengths to succeed with greater ease

- To trust their intuition more than ever before

- To make decisions with greater confidence

- To feel naturally energised, excited to follow their dreams

- To grow and self-actualise to be a beacon of inspiration for all who know them

- To feel supported, resourceful, and confident to take on life's challenges

- To deepen relationships, meaning, and purpose

- To feel greater levels of energy and vitality

- To develop greater autonomy and competence

- To access flow states

- To grow and thrive in ways that lead to better health and greater wealth

- To discover more fulfilment and success

- To live their most authentic and purposeful lives

 The 5 P's to a fulfilling life...








'Lil is an extraordinary coach! With her uniquely creative mind and extensive history in all areas of professional and personal development, she offers a truly holistic coaching experience.

Creatively drawing on all kinds of philosophies, she gently and compassionately helps me to find clarity and direction in my decision-making process. A naturally warm and deeply empathetic person, Lil never fails to make me feel seen, heard, and comfortable.

We have a number of big belly laughs whilst traversing the oft-bumpy road of business (& life). She has a tremendous capacity for patience and is a wonderful listener, offering subtle nudges and actionable insights at just the right moment! Thank you, Lil.'

Sarah W, Business Owner, South Australia

'I have had the absolute pleasure of being coached by Lil. She has guided me with my personal and professional life. I have always found her to be extremely centred, calm and  intelligent. She has an incredible ability to take you to where you need to be. I have always felt more grounded and sure after my sessions with her. Her follow up and summation skills are very particular and accurate and having everything written out for me has been very beneficial. I would highly recommend Lil to anybody wanting to enhance their personal or business life.' 

Alison F, Clinic Owner, Victoria 

More about Lil...

Lil has trained to be a professional coach in Australia and overseas. Her approach is collaborative, intuitive, gentle but challenging when needed. She loves bringing her extensive experience to her coaching sessions so that women can explore, re-imagine, and transform their lives. She holds deep, soulful space for women so that they can feel heard, nourished, and understood.

Lil is passionate about excellence, personal development, education, business, and creativity. She has been travelling the world for decades, and has met thousands of women from all walks of life. She has been a business owner since the age of fifteen, managing teams, marketing online and off-line, developing courses and workshops to educate business owners around the globe.

As a writer, artist, musician, business owner, and educator, Lil has a great love of learning. She has six university degrees, including a Ph.D. in creative writing. Her home is full of books!

Lil is an EPG, INFJ-T, HSP, multipotentialite, Enneagram 4w5, empath, clairaudient astrologer, soul whisperer, Human Design 1/3, Manifesting Generator with Sacral Authority. She is currently based in Adelaide, South Australia.

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